Monday Evening Programme 7.20pm

Convener:  Lana Davey 

January: Summer Bridge

January 31: Event Cinemas Ladder 1

February: Zealous Pairs

March: Langley Twigg Pairs 

April: Oderings Garden Centre Pairs  

April 25: Event Cinemas Ladder 2 

May: Duart Championship Pairs

May 30: Event Cinemas Ladder 3

June: Dentons Peak Pharmacy Pairs

July: Back to the Future Teams 

July 25: Event Cinemas Ladder 4

August: Rose & Shamrock Swiss Pairs

August 29: Event Cinemas Ladder 5

September: Poppies Teams  

October 3: Event Cinemas Ladder 6

October: Langes Appliance Pairs 

November: Ryman Healthcare Te Kahika Championship Pairs

December: Summer Bridge

Wednesday Afternoon Programme 1.20pm

Conveners:      Gillian Green Ph. 651 2525 and Carolyn Richards      Ph. 877 9511

January: Summer Bridge

February: Piku Individual 

March: Summerset in the Vines Pairs 

April: Mission Estate Winery Pairs  

May: May Individual 

June: Havelock North New World Pairs 

July: BP 2go Millward Motors Individual               

August: Big Barrel Pairs

September: Handicap Pairs 

October: Diahann Boutique Pairs 

November: November Individual 

December: Summer Bridge

Thursday Afternoon Programme 1.20pm

Convener:  Noel Woodhall   Ph.  877 7191

We can always arrange a partner for you

6 January to 22 December

Friday Morning Programme 9.30 am

Convener:   Judy Treseder      Ph. 877 4363

January: Summer Bridge

February: February Individual 

March: March Pairs 

April: April Individual    

May: May Pairs 

June: June Pairs 

July: July Individual 

August: Joyous Handicap Pairs 

September: September Pairs 

October: October Handicap Pairs                

November: November Individual 

December: Summer Bridge